Maeco Technologies believes that it is imperative for businesses of today to align themselves with greater environmental responsibility whilst seeking profitability. In light of this, we focus on creating best-of-class technologies to help companies achieve business goals, by seizing interesting new opportunities in an industry that demonstrates attractive growth potential as well as a growing slate of regulatory demands.

Maeco Technologies specialises in offering customers cost-effective and technologically innovative solutions in contrast to traditional waste and waste-water disposal methods. Our approach helps the customer reduce their generation of waste and waste-water, reduce costs of disposal and create new and previously untapped revenue streams.




Through an innovative mix of technology development, market expertise and experience, Maeco Technologies Pte Ltd provides a broad range of waste and waste-water solutions for municipalities, food production, agricultural, farming, industrial and commercial sectors. Reinforced with robust research and manufacturing capabilities, Maeco Technologies Pte Ltd aims to be the main point of contact for relevant players with waste-related needs. Our technologically advanced and easy-to-operate systems are proven to perform in outlying locations under extreme climates. This track record ensures ease of mind for customers, allowing them the much needed bandwidth to focus on their core business operations.

Maeco Technologies Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Chevon International (S) Pte Ltd. Together with Chevon International, we present a unique value proposition by combining cutting-edge engineering, design and fabrication capabilities with in-depth research, marketing and project management expertise.