FAQ for ecoLISER

What type of waste can be converted?

  • Most organic waste types, including animal manure, straw, plant waste and food waste. Waste can be mixed together to feed into the ecoLISER system concurrently.

What type of conversion process does the ecoLISER use?

  • An aerobic fermentation system

What is the treatment/digestion method?

  • We utilise a High-efficiency Fermentation Agent (HFA), a multi-formula powder with enzymes, microbes and probiotics, designed in our laboratories

What is the input:output ratio?

  • 100kg input: 43kg output solids
  • If moisture of feeding organic waste is 70%, moisture of output compost will be approx. 30%

How much HFA is required to treat 1T of organic waste?

  • 1kg of HFA in Powder form

What is the operating temperature of the ecoLISER

  • 65°C-85°C

How long does a full composting cycle take?

  • 12 hours assuming moisture content=55%.
  • Processing time scales upwards with moisture content
  • Moisture content of input can be reduced by leaving dry compost in the tank for next batch

What end products are emitted?

  • Compost
  • Steam
  • Condensation water

What is the lead time from confirmation?

  • 85 Days

What is the delivery and installation time

  • 3 Days

How much manpower is required to operate the machine?

  • 1 Person

Will training be provided? How long will it take?

  • 1-day operation and safety training

What technical support is provided if necessary?

  • Maintenance provided once per 4 months during warranty period

What programming/software system is used with the ecoLISER?

  • PLC with touch screen system
    • Motor Stirring
    • Temperature
    • Air flow
    • Conducting oil status
    • Process time

Warranty Period

  • Against manufacturing defects for 1 year upon commissioning or 15 months upon deliver, whichever comes first
  • Improper use and/or installation unwarrantable

Nutrient Content Analysis Service / Pathogen Test Services

  • NParks test report service for output end product